Puss in Boots

When Tom, the Miller's son, only inherits the family cat in his father's will his prospects look bleak. But Puss has other ideas and, newly equipped with a pair of boots, he sets out to make his master's fortune. Disguised as the Marquis of Carabas, Tom catches the eye of the beautiful Princess Rosalinda and is instrumental in winning back her father's kingdom from the man-eating Ogre.  

production team

Director: Bec Gracia

Musical Director Bronwynne Anderson

Choreographer: Amanda Woodbine

Vocal Coach: Christopher Gracia

Production Managers : Mark Vangelatos and Sharon Huntley Dale

Stage Manager Lincoln Poole

Set Designer: Lynley Kirkness

Costume Designers:  Jody Leslie and Tina Schreiber

Creative Designer: Charlotte Barkell

Assistant Stage Managers:  Anthea Kearney and Gary Jackson

cast list