2010 - The Mikado / Some Enchanted Evening / The Boy from Oz / Anything Goes

The mikado

Performed at the Laycock Street Bicentennial Community Theatre in  March 2010                  
Production Team 
Director - Kerrie Rochford
Musical Director - Ben Ross
Choreographer - Heidi Rochford

                    Matt Waugh (Nanki-Poo)                    Raif Colbert-Smith (KoKo)          Danita Weatherstone (Yum Yum)

                 3 Little Maids (Jess, Danita, Emma)

                                                                                             The Mikado - Orchestra

I Am So Proud (Matt, Raif, Darryl D, Daryl K                   Danita / Michael Burke (The Mikado)

      Were You Not to KoKo Plighted!                                         The Ladies of Titupu

             Michael (Mikado)                           Judy Marsall-Schutte (Kadisha)           Raif (KoKo) / Darryl (Pooh-Bah)

                                                                       Costume Design by Rhonda Griffiths

                    Act I Finale                                                                             If You Want To Know Who We Are

                                                                                              Act II Finale

some enchanted evening

Performed in The Don Craig Room (LSCT) in June 2010                  
Production Team 
Director - Fran Kendall
Choreographer - Carolyn McNamara




The boy from oz

Performed at the Laycock Street Bicentennial Community Theatre in July / August  2010                  
Production Team 
Director - Chris King
Musical Director - Chris Hochkins
Choreographer - Lauren Miller

           Wil Coleman as Peter                                   Kate Leslie as Liza                                     Toni Williams as Judy


                David Kimpton as Brian Henderson                                                            Toni and Wil


                           Rae and John                                           Wil and Greg Gould                                         Jennifer Holland

                                                             Choreographer Lauren Miller and the dance troupe

                                                                                                                                           Helen Herridge as Mum

                                                                   I Still Call Australia Home


anything goes

Performed at the Laycock Street Bicentennial Community Theatre in October / November 2010                  
Production Team 
Director - Emmakate de Henau
Musical Director - Bryan Higgins
Choreographer - Kate Davey

  Darryl Davis / Chris Gracia / Melinda Middleton in "Friendship"                                      Glen and Damien

      Steve "Lightman" Higham                                            Noel Borger                                                    Jade McCudden

                        Blow, Gabriel, Blow                                                                        Reno's Angels

                                                                                      Sharon and Casey                               Chris / Melinda / Darryl

                  Anything Goes Production Team