2009 - The Pajama Game / Rent / The Producers / Cats


The Pajama Game

Performed at the Laycock Street Bicentennial Community Theatre in  February / March 2009                   
Production Team 
Director - John Gerrie
Musical Director - Roslyn English
Choreographers - Madeleine Stephenson / Emmakate de Henau

          Director John Gerrie                                MD Roslyn English             Choreographer Madeleine Stephenson

                                                                      Neil Kelleher (Sid) and Melinda Middleton (Babe)

                                                                   Steam Heat (Emmakate / Katie / Kathy)

           Jade (Gladys) / Jacob (Pres)                                   Kerrie & Elyse                             Jacob / Suzanne (Mae)


                                            Kerrie Rochford (Mabel) / John Humphries (Hines)

Peter Pendleton (Max) / Geoff Buckland (Hassler)

                                                            Opening Song - Racing With the Clock

Performed at the Peninsula Theatre in May 2009                   
Production Team 
Director - Daryl Kirkness
Musical Director - Alex Swan
Choreographer  -  Marni Longmore

** No photographs have been forwarded for publication


The producers

Performed at the Laycock Street Bicentennial Community Theatre in  August 2009                   
Production Team 
Director - Darryl Davis
Musical Director - Josh Hochkins
Choreographers - Carolyn McNamara / Janadine Hart / Karen Snook

               Zach Smith (Leo) / Chris King (Max)                                              I Wanna Be A  Producer

   Jess Hind (Ulla)                                                Adam Young (Franz)                                  Chris Hamilton (Roger)

                                                                              Keep it Gay

                                                                                 Springtime For Hitler and Germany



                            Prisoners of Love                                                                                 Don't Help Me !

Gareth Davis (Carmen) / Chris Hamilton (Roger)                                      Roger's Production Team



Performed at the Laycock Street Bicentennial Community Theatre in October 2009                   
Production Team 
Director - Chenoa de Vries
Musical Director - Roslyn English
Choreographer -  Chenoa de Vries

   Amanda Bruce - Victoria                        Judy Marshall-Schutte - Grizabella       Russell Hull - Deuteronomy

Gareth Davis - Rum Tum Tugger

Darryl Davis - Bustopher Jones                                           Carly Edmonds - Jellyorum / Daryl Kirkness - Gus

                                                                                    The Pit Singers

Brodie Anderson (Rumpleteazer) / Michael Halcrow (Mungo Jerry)

 Darryl Davis (Growltiger) / Melinda Middleton (Grindlebone)

   Gareth (Rum Tum Tugger)                                   Damian (Mistoffelees)                       Bart (Skimbellshanks)

                                                          Members of the Production Team & Crew

                        Emily / Ksenia                                                                     Judy                                                Darryl

 Russell Hull with make-up artist Laura Scott                            Amanda Woodbine applies her own make-up

                                    Anthony George (Munkestrap) and Jellicle Cats

Cats Company