2007 - Oklahoma / Singin' in the Rain / Oliver!


Performed at the Laycock Street Bicentennial Community Theatre in  March 2007                       

Production Team 
Director - Rob Hickey 
Musical Director - Bryan Higgins
Choreographers - Carolyn McNamara /Marnie Longmore                                                                                        

Scott Herdman (Curly ) / Laura McCready (Laurey )                Anthony George (Ali ) / Jade McCudden (Ado Annie)

Andrew Sampford (Jud Fry )                                                                                     Jessica Hind

                Geoff Buckland (Cord )                               Jade & Darryl Davis (Andrew Carnes )         Steve Hirst as Will Parker

Many a New Day                                                                        Laura & Lianne Haddock (Aunt Eller) 

                              Its a Scandal, Its an Outrage !                                                                              Kansas City



singin' in the rain

Performed at the Laycock Street Bicentennial Community Theatre in  July / August 2007

Production Team
Director - Darryl Davis
Musical Director - Mark Williams
Choreographers - Carolyn McNamara / Janadine Hart

                                                                                                 Finale - everyone tapped !

              Kerrie Rochford, Wil Coleman, Karen Snook                             Monique Donath (Kathy) / Wil Coleman (Don)

                                         Richard Lovegrove - "Fit as a Fiddle"                                                                          Yes, we had rain !

                                 Wil - "Gotta Dance"                                                              Amanda Cooke - principal dancer  

                                                                                        Karen Snook as Lina Lamont

                                                                               Scott Herdman and "Beautiful Girls"


Oliver !

Performed at the Laycock Street Bicentennial Community Theatre in Oct / Nov 2007

Production Team
Director - Chris King

Musical Director - Roslyn English
Choreographer - Lauren Miller

                  Josh Engstrom / Daniel Russell   - Oliver Twist                                    Tyson Almond (Dodger) / Daniel

The Sowerberrys - Pollyanna Foreshaw/Daryl Kirkness

                                                                                               Toni Williams as Nancy

            Darryl Davis (Bumble) / Lianne Haddock (Corney)                                 Anthony Howes as Noah

                           Steve Higham                                           Geoff Hay as Fagin                                                More !!!!                                    

Toni with Adam Montgomery (Bill)                                                                      Who Will Buy?

Greg Buist                                              Josh, Adam, Adele and "Boss"                          Riley Holt (Dodger)

                 Geoff Hay ...."I'm Reviewing the Situation!"                                           "Food Glorious Food"