2005 - How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying / 42nd Street / The Scarlet Pimpernel

how to succeed in business without really trying

Performed at the Laycock Street Bicentennial Community Theatre in March 2005

Production Team                                                                                                                                

Director - Leigh Collins

Musical Director - Bryan Higgins

Choreographer - Marnie Longmore


                                        How to Succeed Orchestra with M.D. Bryan Higgins (front row left)


  Melinda Middleton / Karen Rowe                                                      The Ensemble Cast


                   Peter / Melinda                         Nick McDougal                               Callum Hayes / Adam Young


     Katie Graham / Melinda Middleton / Kate McKenzie              Callum Hayes / Darryl Davis "Grand Old Ivy"


            Karen / Callum                                                   Melinda / Chris                                  Rose / Jo-Anne




42nd Street

Performed at the Laycock Street Bicentennial Community Theatre in July / August 2005

Production Team                                                                                                                                

Director - Chris King

Musical Director - Mark Williams

Choreographers - Lauren Miller / Stacey Hinton


      Gareth Davis (Billy) / Melanie Lewin (Peggy Sawyer)                                 Lex, Pollyanna, Melanie, Adam


                                      Melanie (Peggy ) / Melinda  (Dorothy ) / Adam (Pat )                  


                Emily / Barney                                                   Megan                                        Lex / Pollyanna  


            Shane Caulfield as Julian Marsh



          Robyn / Carley /  Director Chris King



                             42nd Street Orchestra



the scarlet pimpernel

Performed at the Laycock Street Bicentennial Community Theatre in Oct / Nov 2005

Production Team                                                                                                                                

Director - Darryl Davis

Musical Director - Geoff Preece

Choreographer - Carolyn McNamara


     Chris, Shane, Neil - 3 Principals   Glorious set designed by Leigh Collins ( with artist Jack Langlois)


         Kate & Pat Walker                 Jonathon                     Noel                                      Suzanne & David


                                                                                         Madam Guillotine



              Chris & Shane                                       Jade & Greg                        Kathryn & Geoff                          Kasey



                                                                                                               They Seek Him Here . . .  They Seek Him There


                                                                                            Into the Fire


                        Debbi                               Kathy & John                                   Jamie                                      Alan