1989 - The Pirates of Penzance / Macbeth, the Comedy / My Fair Lady / Forum / Paint Your Wagon

The Pirates of Penzance

11 performances at the LSCT in January 1989

Production Team

Director - Ken Bouchier

Musical Director - Geoff Preece
Choreographer - Emma Gilbert

                  Program Cover                                                         Nigel Chong (Bikie Pirate King) & Ted Williams (Major-General)






my fair lady

Performed at the LSCT in April 1989

Production Team

Director - Jess Stuart

Musical Director - Nancye Booth
Choreographer - Patti Gleeson


                                                                                          Ladies of the "Upper Class"


                                                                                             Jane van Balen as Eliza Doolittle

         David Rowe / Graham Stephenson / David Booth                                  Alf Taylor as Colonel Pickering

                               Program Cover                                                         Fay Carter & Graham

                                                                     Mark Williams as Professor Henry Higgins

              Eliza and the staff of Henry Higgins                                                                  Adele & Sue


                           "With a Little Bit of Luck"                                                                       Off to the races


                                                                                              "Come on Dover !"


a funny thing happened on the way to the forum

Performed at the LSCT in July 1989

Production Team

Director - Fran Godbold
Musical Director - Nick Byrne
Choreographer - Carolyn McNamara


                                                          Wendy (Philia) / Andrew (Pseudolus) / Anthony (Hero)


                     Jeanette                                  Paul                                            Karen                                               Emma

 Vicki Jones (Domina) & Paul Mahoney (Senex)


                                                                          David Anthony & Proteans - "First time around Rome!"



paint your wagon

Performed at the LSCT in October 1989

Production Team

Director - Frank Wilson
Musical Director - Diane Gardiner

Choreographers - Emma Gilbert, Carolyn McNamara


                                                                         "Dance Hall Girls .... and Madam (Carolyn McNamara)

         Toni & Ted Williams           GMS President Roger Elwin                                            Director Frank Wilson

                                                                Darryl Davis (Jake) - "Hand Me Down That Can O' Beans"

                              The Mormons - Vicki, Nick & Bronwyne                                 Bronwyne Hawkins (Elizabeth) & Ted Williams (Ben)

                               Carolyn & Darryl