1975 - Oklahoma / The Sound of Music / GMS Celebration


7 performances at the Dwyer Pavilion in April / May, 1975

Production Team

Director - Ted Williams

Musical Director - Isobel Williams

Choreographers - Julie Jessop / Janelle Smith






                                                        bob george recalls an "incident"



the sound of music

6 performances at the Dwyer Pavilion in November, 1975

Production Team

Director - Bill Wallace

Musical Director - Suzanne Cattell-Wallace

Choreographers - Janelle Smith







       28th Birthday Party at the Central Coast Leagues' Club on July 11th, 1975

  Songs / Scenes from previous shows were presented to a delighted audience of GMS members.

  No one could remember why 28 was celebrated .... not even the organiser Wilma Eagle !   






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